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Efficient Resolutions In Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The area of law regulating landlord-tenant relationships and disputes can be confusing, even to longtime landlords and tenants. Landlord-tenant disputes threaten the financial well-being of both parties. Damaged property or unpaid rent can cause financial hardships for landlords. If you’re a tenant, a landlord’s failure to maintain property or honor a contract can strain your finances or cause injuries.

When you work with my firm — Richard Connors, Attorney at Law — I can educate you about your options and protect your rights. With decades of experience, I possess a keen understanding of concerns each side has in landlord-tenant disputes, which allows me to pursue solutions that will appease both sides. From my office in Lynn, Massachusetts, I represent landlords and tenants in a range of disputes.

Eviction For Failing To Pay Rent

Nonpayment of rent is one of the biggest problems landlords face. When landlords have nonpaying tenants, their biggest priority is often doing whatever they can to ensure they receive rent for that unit. Whether that means evicting the tenant or forcing the tenant to pay, an experienced lawyer can protect your ability to make a profit.

Disputes And Confusion Caused By Security Deposits

Landlord-tenant disputes often arise over security deposits. Most landlords require payment of the first and last months of rent, as well as a security deposit, before a tenant is allowed to occupy the property. Landlords must also follow additional requirements, including:

  • The renter’s security deposit must be put in escrow and the tenant must be given a written statement with the bank escrow information within 30 days.
  • If the landlord fails to put the security deposit in escrow, or otherwise fails to follow the law’s requirements the landlord may owe the renter triple the amount of the security deposit, as well as interest and attorney fees.
  • The security deposit must be deposited in a Massachusetts-based bank.

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