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Cars crowd the streets in Lynn, Massachusetts, and fill the streets just about everywhere else you go, too. This congestion increases the likelihood of driver errors due to impatience and frustration, drunk drivers, traffic law violations and carelessness. If you were in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, get the medical attention you need before doing anything else.

Before you say anything to an insurance company, call my office — Richard Connors, Attorney at Law — at 781-593-4146. Unlike the insurance company, I am committed to helping you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

What Happens After A Car Accident

Each motor vehicle accident and each accident victim is unique, so every set of circumstances requires a tailored response. In general, however, here is what happens after you put me on the job of defending your interests.

  • Before doing anything else, you should get medical care for any injuries you suffered in the crash.
  • Next, you and I will discuss further medical treatment options, if needed.
  • I will take photos of your vehicle and help you get any needed repairs to your vehicle.
  • I will handle discussions and negotiations with the insurance company, ensuring that your interests are protected at all times.

Having an experienced lawyer negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf is important for two main reasons: It minimizes the time and energy you spend talking to the insurance company, and it maximizes the compensation you receive.

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Once you contact me, I can begin vigorously defending your rights. Send me an email or call 781-593-4146 to schedule an initial consultation. I can help ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve after a car crash.

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