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Expediting Evictions For Nonpayment

The laws governing landlord-tenant relationships vary significantly by state. However, it’s critical for landlords to ensure they are following the legal process while trying to evict tenants for failure to pay rent.

Massachusetts laws can seem confusing, so it’s critical to work with a lawyer who has experience handling landlord-tenant disputes effectively. I am Richard Connors, Attorney at Law, and I have decades of legal experience. I have represented hundreds of landlords in Lynn and throughout Essex County in eviction for nonpayment cases.

My biggest priority is moving quickly, so you can start collecting rent for every rentable unit.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Help Expedite The Process

In order to evict a nonpaying tenant, it’s critical to follow every step of the process. In Massachusetts, landlords must notify tenants that they have 14 days to pay their late rent or be evicted. If the tenant doesn’t respond during those weeks, the landlord can file for eviction on the 15th day.

Because I have represented hundreds of landlords, I know the process and landlord-tenant laws, and I can help expedite the process. I know that nonpaying tenants cost landlords money, and my goal is to help you move forward as soon as possible.

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